Unusual Oklahoma, Weird Oklahoma

Unusual Oklahoma, Weird Oklahoma:

Weird history, fables, ghost stories and more from throughout Oklahoma, along with a colorful cast of characters, come alive in Know It: Unusual Oklahoma.

Unusual Oklahoma Articles

Take a dip: Oklahoma's best swimming holes
Maybe your favorite childhood swimming hole is long gone, but Oklahoma has many refreshing bodies of water in which to take a dip. Read More
History impacts on Oklahoma climate
Exhibits in Oklahoma Historical Society museums across the state address weather changes throughout Oklahoma’s history. Read More
Prospectors are finding gold in Oklahoma rivers, hardware stores
Prospectors are finding gold in Oklahoma rivers, hardware stores. Read More
Welcome spring with ideas for warm weather outings
Dino Lalli provides ideas for thing to do and see in Oklahoma while the warm weather of spring is here. Read More
Gift ideas for the stumped, last-minute shopper
Dino Lalli suggests some Oklahoma-themed gift ideas for last minute shoppers who want something unusual. Read More
The week of her death, Sylvia Browne’s Web site (sylvia.com) stated: “Sylvia Browne is a world renowned spiritual teacher, psychic, author, lecturer and researcher in the field of parapsychology. Read More
How Fourth-Grade Students Made Better Predictions than Sylvia Browne
On December 29, 2004, when my niece Briana Harroz was a 4th grader at the Heritage Hall elementary school in Oklahoma City, Sylvia Browne made her annual predictions for the year 2005. Read More
Discover Oklahoma: Hometown diners offer break from holiday feast
Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Like many people, I feast on leftovers a few days after Thanksgiving. But in the past several years, by Saturday I've been ready for something with which to cleanse my palette from the turkey and dressing, ham and green bean casserole. That brings me to this article's subject:... Read More
Bald eagles drawn to Oklahoma's largest lakes
State locations celebrate the arrival of the bald eagle with tours, sightseeing. Read More
12 of Oklahoma's beautifully creepy abandoned places, part 2
Of all of the blog posts I’ve written, the original “12 of Oklahoma’s beautifully creepy abandoned places” is one of my favorites. Thanks to the people at Abandoned Oklahoma, we’re able to get a unique look at some of the most interesting, albeit sometimes depressing, places in Oklahoma. Read More