Unusual Oklahoma, Weird Oklahoma

Unusual Oklahoma, Weird Oklahoma:

Weird history, fables, ghost stories and more from throughout Oklahoma, along with a colorful cast of characters, come alive in Know It: Unusual Oklahoma.

Unusual Oklahoma Articles

Encounter Oklahoma’s parks and historic sites
National Historic Landmarks have long played a major role in presenting the dramatic history of Oklahoma, but the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary “Find Your Park” promotion provides an opportunity to focus special attention on these important places. Read More
Confectioners in Oklahoma offer chocolates for almost anyone
In Oklahoma, there are several places that make specialty chocolate. They include Bedre Fine Chocolate, Woody Candy Co., Glacier Confection and Unique Confections. Read More
Discover Oklahoma: Marland Grand Home reminds of oilman's big dreams
In Oklahoma, E.W. Marland struck oil in 1911, and his second fortune began to grow. He began construction of his first mansion in 1914 in Ponca City. Completed in 1916, it’s known as the Marland Grand Home and is open for tours. Read More
Commerce routes predate historic Mother Road in Oklahoma
Oklahoma’s historic routes of commerce go back much further than the so-called Mother Road, Route 66. The older routes include connections to the Spiro Mounds on the Arkansas River, the 19th-century Texas Road, the Butterfield Overland mail route, the Chisholm Trail and the Western Trail. Read More
Discover Oklahoma: Fall is festival-picking time
Some of Oklahoma’s most interesting and colorful local events happen in October and November. Regardless of what they celebrate — including fast cars, bright orange gourds and local cheeses — each event is reason enough to load up the car for a destination of fun. Read More