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Some reject retirement idea, keep working even into 90s

News | Published: Tue, Dec 6, 2011

DALLAS — At 91, Maxine Bennett still works six days a week at her jewelry store: keeping the books, helping customers and occasionally going on buying trips. Retirement's not for her. "At 65 I was just really getting started," Bennett said. She is part of a growing number of people who continue working way past the usual retirement age. There are those who can't afford to retire, but there also are those who made mid-life career switches.

There are many private companies that investors can't efficiently access. (NewsUSA)
There are many private companies that investors can't efficiently access. (NewsUSA)

Get retirement income from neighborhood companies

Updated: Mon, Jan 7, 2013

If you're busy watching the machination of Wall Street playing with your pension, you might be missing out on the thousands of small- to mid-sized companies that are usually excluded from the capital market system. Even though you probably know the companies and owners around town and their ability to generate job growth and energize the economy, most investors have no way to efficiently access these companies.

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