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Carla Hinton

Parents hope for 'silver linings' in wake of...

Carla Hinton | Leave a comment

Parents are seeking to delay the closure of St. Joseph's Early Childhood Development Center in Norman, to allow time for the...

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Local hearing aid company spreads the gift of hearing to third world countries
John Bachman’s memories of Kenya are not of armed security guards posted everywhere, but of enormous circus tents, filled to the brim with hundreds of children and adults.   Bachman, owner of Oklahoma City-based Economy Hearing, visited Africa on a recent mission trip as a supporter of The... Read More
Massachusetts government issues transgender guidance — and what it says about churches has some worried
Critics of a transgender rights bill signed into law by Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker earlier this summer have launched full-swing into a repeal campaign to try to overturn the non-discrimination measure. Read More
Muslim teen is on a quest to create a hijab-themed emoji — here's her story
A Muslim teen has issued a passionate appeal to the organization that oversees the creation of emojis, proposing a number of symbols that represent her faith, including a man wearing a keffiyeh (headscarf) and a woman wearing a hijab. Read More
4 responses to Tim Kaine's claims about Genesis 1, gay marriage and the Catholic Church
Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine ignited a firestorm with his claim that he believes the Catholic Church will eventually abandon its current opposition to same-sex marriage. Read More
Has this pastor 'discovered the secret' to reaching millennials?
Some churches in Washington, D.C., have uncovered the "secret" to reaching millennials — or so proclaims the headline of a recent Washington Post story. Read More
Parents hope for 'silver linings' in wake of Catholic child development center's closure in Norman
Parents are seeking to delay the closure of St. Joseph's Early Childhood Development Center in Norman, to allow time for the opening of another center. Read More
Warr Acres minister expresses faith and hope through sculptures
The Rev. Rocky Hails, an Oklahoma City metro-area minister, is becoming well known for his sculptures that he creates to inspire hope in others. Read More
Oklahoma religion briefs for Sept. 24
Oklahoma religion briefs for Sept. 24 Read More
Fighting for the forgotten: Mixed martial artist partners with Oklahoma City -based Water4 to help African villagers
Justin Wren, a Texas native and professional mixed martial artist and UFC fighter, has partnered with Oklahoma City-based nonprofit Water4 to dig water wells so the Mbuti Pygmies in the Democratic Republic of Congo can gain access to much-needed clean water. Read More
'Animal Well-Fair' is among St. Francis blessing events in Oklahoma City area
An "Animal Well-Fair" event set for Oct. 2 at Westminster Presbyterian Church is one of numerous animal blessing events planned at Oklahoma City-area churches and faith-based organizations commemorating St. Francis of Assisi Day. Read More
Bible lesson for The Oklahoman for Sept. 24
L.G. Parkhurst's Bible lesson for The Oklahoman for Sept. 24 Read More
Ebola survivor to speak at Oklahoma Christian University Lectureship event
Ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantly is set to speak at Oklahoma Christian University's Lectureship event Oct. 2. Read More
Bison sculptures are installed at Oklahoma Baptist University
Bison sculptures were recently installed on the northeast corner of the Oklahoma Baptist University campus in Shawnee. Read More
Lawyer: School district must allow after-school Satan club
MOUNT VERNON, Wash. (AP) — A lawyer hired by the Mount Vernon School District has advised officials to allow the Satanic Temple of Seattle to start an after-school program at one of their elementary schools. The Skagit Valley Herald reports ( ) attorney Duncan Fobes said if the district were... Read More
Scanning software deciphers ancient biblical scroll
The charred lump of a 2,000-year-old scroll sat in an Israeli archaeologist's storeroom for decades, too brittle to open. Now, new imaging technology has revealed what was written inside: the earliest evidence of a biblical text in its standardized form. The Associated Press has the story.  Read More
What an autistic boy typed on his iPad shocked his mother — and sparked questions about heaven
When Tahni Cullen saw what her 7-year-old son had typed on his iPad, she was absolutely stunned. "I thought maybe I was on candid camera or I was losing it or something," she recently told "The Church Boys" podcast. Read More
Muslim schoolboys who refuse to shake hands with female teachers lose appeal
A 15-year-old Muslim schoolboy studying in Switzerland has been told he must agree to shaking hands with female teachers or face being fined and disciplined. Amer Salhani lost his appeal after refusing to shake hands at the school in Therwil in April, an action he said went against his religious beliefs. He and... Read More
U.S. Civil Rights Commission chairman's 'religious liberty' remarks shock some conservatives
The nation's top agency tasked with monitoring, enhancing and making recommendations on civil rights policies released a controversial new report on Thursday proclaiming that religious exemptions can hamper citizens' civil rights. Read More
New report says religion is worth more to the U.S. economy than Google, Apple and Amazon combined
A first-of-its-kind analysis of religion's socio-economic value shows that faith-related businesses and institutions add more than $1 trillion to the U.S. economy. Read More
Here's how the U.S. government plans to tackle religious discrimination in public schools
In the midst of a presidential campaign where religion — particularly Islam — has been a major point of discussion, the U.S. Department of Education has announced new efforts to monitor religious discrimination in public schools. Read More

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Church bells are getting a makeover

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Preacher expresses faith and hope through sculptures thumbnail

Preacher expresses faith and hope through sculptures

Sep 16The Rev. Rocky Hails, a metro area minister, is becoming well known...

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