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Outdoors recreation articles from NewsOK and The Oklahoman

Valley of the Bats: Mexican free-tailed bats are the summer show in northwest Oklahoma
The bats exit from the Selman Bat Cave, which is tucked in the gypsum bluffs that tower the sandsage prairie, flying in such a tightly organized group that it looks like a river of bats. But it sounds more like an ocean. Read More
OKLAHOMA'S ICONIC WATERS: The Chickasaw National Recreation Area attracts 1.5 million visitors a year
The scenic Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur, just a 90-minute drive south from Oklahoma City, is a great place to get away for a day. Read More
Outdoor Nation Expo opens Friday in Shawnee
The Outdoor Nation Expo at Firelake Arena will feature more than 150 booths and attractions, including the Oklahoma State Turkey Calling Contest on Saturday night. Read More
Bill Pickett is a legend among cowboys
In 1907, Bill Pickett was hired as a cowhand on the 101 Ranch and became the star attraction of the Miller Brothers’ 101 Ranch Wild West Show. Read More
Rocky Mountain National Park in July
From wildlife to waterfalls and hiking to horseback riding, Rocky Mountain National Park is breathtaking Read More
OUTDOOR NOTEBOOK: NWTF and DU banquets set in OKC and Edmond; Traditional archery championship on tap in McAlester
The newly-formed Oklahoma City Metro chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation will hold its hunting heritage banquet on Saturday at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City. The new chapter is a combination of the former Norman and Oklahoma County chapters. The banquet begins at 5:30 p.m. and will... Read More
Study: Visitors avoid US national parks when pollution rises
DENVER — Visitors appear to be steering clear of some U.S. national parks or cutting visits short because of pollution levels that are comparable to what's found in major cities, according to a study released Wednesday. Researchers at Iowa State and Cornell universities looked at more than two decades of data on... Read More
Outdoor Notebook: Lesser prairie chicken populations increase
The latest annual breeding population survey shows an increase of about 30 percent over the previous year: 38,637 birds compared to 29,934. Read More
Q&A WITH THE FISH KISSER: Jimmy Houston turns 74 on Friday and is as popular as ever
Legendary angler and television personality Jimmy Houston is still fishing and hunting, filming television shows and greeting fans at outdoor shows and store openings around the country. Read More
Branson mourns for 17 killed in sinking of packed duck boat
Divers searched a Missouri lake Friday for the bodies of four people who were presumed dead after a duck boat packed with tourists capsized and sank in high winds, killing at least 13 people in the tourist town of Branson. Read More
Glover River provides scenic beauty, good fishing and challenging rapids when the water is high.
Flowing through McCurtain County in far southeastern Oklahoma near the borders of Texas and Arkansas, the Glover offers about 33 miles of scenic beauty amid some challenging rapids. Read More
Oklahoma's Waterfowl Stamp contest deadline is Aug. 1
The winning artwork will become the image for the 2019-20 Oklahoma Waterfowl Stamp, which is bought by waterfowl hunters in the state and by collectors nationwide. Read More
OKC Gun Club to host IHMSA championships beginning Friday
In IHMSA matches, shooters must knock down heavy metallic silhouette targets of chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams from various distances from 50 up to 500 meters. Read More
BLAZING A NEW TRAIL: Spring Creek is the new gem of Edmond's trail system
Well-maintained paved trails exist at Mitch Park and Hafer Park, and a multiuse dirt trail at Lake Arcadia. However, the real gem of the Edmond trail system is the new Spring Creek trail which opened in November. Read More
Ralph Thompson’s walls are covered with beautiful photographs from around the world that he has taken during 60-plus years behind the camera lens. Read More
Saying goodbye to a sweet dog
What is it about dogs that capture our hearts so much? The unconditional love and affection they show us, I suppose. Read More
BLUE RIVER'S AMBASSADOR: For 27 years, Scotty McCarthick has been the face of Blue River
Practically everyone who has fished the Blue knows Scotty McCarthick of Scotty's Blue River One Stop. Scotty has been the owner, cook and local fishing expert for more than a quarter of a century at one of Oklahoma’s most beautiful and popular fishing holes. Read More
Scenic Blue River offers summer fishing opportunities, too
The source of the spring-fed Blue River is the underground Arbuckle-Simpson aquifer. It flows freely from its headwaters southwest of Ada all the way into the Red River around Bokchito in Bryan County. Read More
THE BEAR NECESSITIES: It's been a busy spring for Oklahoma's black bears
As black bears emerge from their dens in the spring, they become active, especially in the months of June and July. Female bears normally stay close to their home, but young male bears will start wandering far and wide in search of adventure. Read More
How to avoid bears and what to do if you encounter one
The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation offers tips to avoid bears and what to do if you do encounter a bear. Read More
Chandler, Zaneis students bring home archery honors
Emilee Manning of Chandler High School was second in the girls’ high school division and the girls’ world runner-up overall by finishing second among 2,362 female competitors. Read More
This 12-year-old from Walters loves baseball, football and catching catfish with his bare hands
Each year Jace Morgan of Walters joins his father, Heath Morgan, and uncle Jesse Dalton as part of a noodling crew that competes in the Okie Noodling Tournament. Participants in the event have two days to catch a catfish by hand and bring it live to Pauls Valley for the weigh-in. Read More
How the Okie Noodling Tournament prevents cheating
This weekend's Okie Noodling Tournament will have one main method to prevent cheating: a polygraph test. Read More
Rare river sinkhole created whirlpool, led to man's death
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — A kayaker bypassed a part of an Arkansas scenic river known as Dead Man's Curve during a weekend trip, but a rare sinkhole created a whirlpool along his alternate channel and dragged him to his death. Donald Wright, 64, from Searcy, Arkansas, died Saturday at Saddler Falls along the... Read More
Okie Noodling Tournament and Festival set Friday and Saturday
'Okie Noodling' was the first noodling tournament in the state, created 19 years ago by filmmaker Bradley Beesley to highlight the state's eccentric hand fishermen in his famous documentaries of the same name. Read More