The Rat Race

The rat race:

It’s a never-ending challenge to earn more to spend more and most everyone gets caught up in it. Learn how it can overpower you, or you can handle it well.
It can consume you, taxing your best abilities, taking you to the limit. Or, it can motivate you, build you, improve your overall character. The Rat Race — constantly running the maze of life, business and professional, to accomplish goals and earn more — is there ... every day. Read more...

My phone, my self: Rabid loyalty follows latest, greatest handsets

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Annie Sorensen had needs. For business, mostly. But she came to learn that her personal side could stand some nurturing, too. A blogger, a podcaster, a landlord and a distributor of nutritional supplements, Sorensen needed a mobile connection to the Internet.

You can design your life

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If you ask most women to write their ideal job description, consistent raises, more family time and more “me time” would be essential.

Escaping the office rat race

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After 20 years service with Claremore Regional Hospital, Audrey Webber of Claremore two years ago “retired.” She was 42. A business development director, Webber flew quarterly to Plano, Texas for corporate meetings, attended countless others, had frequent business dinners and worked some weekends recruiting physicians.


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Learning to say no: Todd McKinnis

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EDMOND — Attorney Todd McKinnis of Edmond said his key to surviving the rate race is to be selective when he says yes.

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