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Choctaw Nation announces expansion of Durant resort and casino
DURANT — The Choctaw Nation plans to break ground this spring on a major expansion of its Durant casino and resort property that will more than double the number of guest rooms and create 1,000 jobs. The gaming floor will be expanded and 1,000 guest rooms will be added to the 776 rooms that are currently... Read More
How to choose between paying into retirement or paying off debt
Dear Dave: Do you think I should lower the amount I'm contributing to my 401(k) so I can pay off my house and my truck? — Jamie Dear Jamie: If you're following my plan, the first thing you should do is set aside a beginner emergency fund of $1,000. That's Baby Step 1. Next comes Baby Step 2, which means paying... Read More
Dave Says: Don't wait to pay off car
Dear Dave: I can't decide what to do about my car. I owe $8,000 on it, and I have the cash to pay it off with plenty left over. One of my co-workers said I shouldn't pay it off, because I have a very low interest rate on the loan. What do you think? — Derricka Dear Derricka: What do I think? I think your... Read More
Playing your office lottery pool? Get it in writing or end up in court
"We’ve seen office pools go really well and heard of some that have gone badly." Read More
It's high times for soaring marijuana stocks on Wall Street
Investors are craving marijuana stocks as Canada prepares to legalize pot next month, leading to giant gains for Canada-based companies listed on U.S. exchanges. Read More