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The rise of reloadable prepaid cards could affect the way millennials approach banking
Prepaid cards were originally targeted at consumers with minimal access to financing or bank accounts. However, the appeal of these cards has broadened, attracting traditional banking customers as well. This is because the formula behind prepaid cards resonates with the growing population of... Read More
Mark Zuckerberg hopes to help cure all diseases by the end of the century
Mark Zuckerberg has some huge ambitions.  As part of Facebook's blockbuster earnings , the company announced a new stock structure that keeps Zuck in full control , even while he gives away most of his shares.  "I’ll be able to keep founder control of Facebook so we can continue to build for the... Read More
Here's what you need to earn to be in the top 1% in the 11 most expensive U.S. cities
In March, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) came out with an updated " Worldwide Cost of Living " report, which highlights the most expensive cities to live in across the globe. The biannual report compares over 400 individual prices across 160 products and services, including food, drink, clothing,... Read More
Wall Street Journal Vows To Fix Pay Gap For Women And Minorities
The Wall Street Journal has vowed to address the pay gap between women and minorities and their white, male colleagues, The Huffington Post reports. In a memo to staff on Wednesday, Will Lewis, chief executive of the newspaper’s parent company Dow Jones & Company, pledged to conduct a review of salaries. Read More
Six memorable quotes from the Democratic Debate
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders squared off against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday night in a debate hosted by PBS. Read More
Clock is ticking: Lottery winner could lose $63M
Time is ticking. A California lottery winner could lose a $63 million dollar prize if they don’t claim their winnings by Thursday, USA TODAY reports. Read More