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Trump won't commit to accepting election results
Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump if he will accept the election results and he said "I will tell you at the time." Hillary Clinton responded to Trump's rigged elections claims by calling his remark "horrifying.' Read More
Clintons rally with celebrities for fundraiser
Bill and Chelsea Clinton headlined a fundraiser in New York City with dozens of Broadway legends and comedians, many of whom roundly mocked Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Read More
8 ways to save on family entertainment
Finding affordable entertainment for the family can be a daunting task week after week, but these eight tips will give you ideas to maximize family outings at a reasonable cost. Read More
What is the impact of Brexit on British businesses?
As Britain prepares to exit the European Union, CNN's Richard Quest explores how the Brexit vote has impacted businesses. Read More
Ditch the diamond ring
It's time to ditch the diamond ring. Why? It may not matter anymore. Read More
Top 10 college funding tips for parents
Paying for college worries a lot of parents. Having a plan can ease those worries. Read More
7 lessons about money you need to teach your kids
The world of money is just getting more and more complicated- here's the fundamental financial knowledge your kids need to understand. Read More
Food preservation tips that will save your wallet
In the United States alone approximately 40 percent of the food produced from the farm to the table is uneaten. In pounds that is roughly 20 per person every month. Food is too good to waste. Save yours today! Read More
5 things your financial advisor isn't telling you
Financial advisors can help you make smart decisions for your family, but they can also be less than straightforward. Read about these five things your financial advisor might not be telling you. Read More
12 easy things families can do today to save hundreds of dollars
Every dollar counts. Here are 12 things your family can do to save hundreds. Read More
Which generation is most susceptible to scammers? It's not the one you think
Think baby boomers are the most susceptible to scam artists? Nope, younger millennials are three times as likely to fall victim to scams. Read More