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Fitness and Nutrition Oklahoma:

Proper diet and exercise are the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle. Read stories and get information about the best way to achieve a healthy lifestyle on know it: Fitness and Nutrition Oklahoma.

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Mark Zuckerberg hopes to help cure all diseases...

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Mark Zuckerberg has some huge ambitions.  As part of Facebook's blockbuster earnings, the company announced a new stock...

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Fitness Articles from The Oklahoman

Feeling the burn: Why muscles ache days after exercise
Columnists Stephen Prescott, a physician and medical researcher with Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, and Adam, a marathoner and OMRF’s senior vice president and general counsel, discuss why Cohen was in so much pain two days after completing the Boston Marathon. Read More
11 signs of cancer that people tend to ignore
With cancer being one of the deadliest diseases worldwide, the best that can happen is to discover and treat it on time. Here you will find eleven cancer symptoms you shouldn’t ignore. Read More
7 things to do when getting out of bed in the morning seems impossible
You bed is such a warm and inviting friend, that when your alarm goes off in the morning, the temptation is to just stay in it forever. But we all know that this is impossible, because of those pesky little things called jobs and responsibilities. Read More
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Upcoming Oklahoma events. Read More


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