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Fitness and Nutrition Oklahoma:

Proper diet and exercise are the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle. Read stories and get information about the best way to achieve a healthy lifestyle on know it: Fitness and Nutrition Oklahoma.

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What you should eat before and after you...

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Everyone knows that combining a healthy, balanced diet with regular exercise is good for your body. However, if you're looking...

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Marvel, American Cancer Society team up to promote prostate cancer awareness
Marvel Entertainment is joining with The American Cancer Society to heighten awareness about prostate cancer in September. Various covers of titles from Marvel will feature special covers that month, the company and nonprofit have announced. Read More
Stop trying to lose weight, do this instead
Do you directly connect weight to health? In the U.S., we focus health efforts on changing the numbers on your scale. Unfortunately, that is not the best way. Here are some realistic and proven ways to be healthier without being chained to the scale. Read More
Stop cooking separate meals: try this strategy for eating healthy with picky kids
Women wanting to lose weight often eat a separate meal from their families at dinner time. The truth is not only is this time consuming, but this is a really bad idea for many reasons. The good news? There are much better alternatives. Read More
7 proven tricks to get rid of stubborn belly fat
You have to try these tricks to get rid of stubborn belly fat! Read More
How to even when you literally just can't
New research shows how to self-diagnose and seek treatment for your inability to even. Read More


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