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Cultural awareness
Oklahoma’s heavy Indian population represents nearly 40 federally recognized tribes. Those representing the five largest tribes based on census figures (Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creek and Seminoles) still today have lifestyles that reflect some of the most valued aspects of the lives of their ancestors.

Cherokee People in Oklahoma

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When Nancy Scott, former Miss Cherokee, took over as coordinator of the Miss Cherokee competition in 2000, the last thing she expected was for the competition to be sued.

Cherokee Culture in Oklahoma

Cherokee culture in Oklahoma

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The Cherokee culture can be seen in Oklahoma through its language, music, the Cherokee National Holiday, sports, stomp dances, food, the Cherokee Heritage Center and the Cherokee newspaper The Phoenix.

Cherokee History in Oklahoma

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Before European colonization, the ancestors of the current Cherokee nation government presided over much of the southern United States. Today, the Cherokee people live primarily in 14 counties in northeastern Oklahoma.

Cherokee Statistics in Oklahoma

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2006-2008 American Community Survey Three-Year Estimates for Cherokee Oklahomans or Cherokee Oklahomans in combination with any other race.

Baker sworn in as principal chief

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TAHLEQUAH -- After a months-long campaign, two elections and several recounts, Bill John Baker was sworn in Wednesday night as principal chief of the Cherokee Nation by CN Supreme Court Justice James G. Wilcoxen. The Cherokee people have spoken, and I am humbled an honored to be elected to lead our great nation,” said Baker. He reiterated the theme from his campaign, saying all Cherokees come from one fire. “We are family,” he said. “Being Cherokee is who we are, not where we are. We are one Cherokee Nation."

News of Oklahoma's Cultures

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