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Dear Sam

Omissions are often strategic options

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Dear Sam: I am trying to write my résumé and am receiving conflicting advice on what to include. I am reading through job...

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First 'real' job teaches lessons, offers a few surprises
Every job we hold during our long years in the work force teaches us something. My 16-year-old daughter is about a month into her first "real" job, and so far it has been a great experience for her, complete with many positive lessons. Read More
Lack of work-life balance and manager support are job 'deal breakers', survey shows
According to a new survey, a low salary isn't the most likely factor that will cause someone to leave a job. Rather, a lack of support from managers and limited work-life balance are the real deal breakers. Read More
How To Goof Off At Work, and Thrive Doing It
Too many hours and too little to do? Let ol' Professor Torkildson give you some professional tips on goldbricking. Read More
10 Ways to Make Monday Mornings Better
Make the most of your Monday mornings at work with these practical and doable career tips! Read More
Combating workplace bullying: how your communication skills can help
Bullying is a problem in the workplace, but it doesn't have to be. Whether you're a person who sometimes acts as a bully, someone who is frequently a bully's target, or both, you can change. And your organization can help. Read More
Bullying is wreaking havoc in the workplace, survey shows
Bullying isn't only a problem for children at school. According to a new survey from VitalSmarts, it's causing problems in offices, too. But just how big is the problem, and what is it costing victims and companies? Read More
Next time you feel nervous, assume this position
Change your posture. Body language affects not only how others see us, but also it appears to change how we see ourselves. Read More
Daughter looks forward to lessons of first 'real' job
My oldest daughter just landed her first "real" job at a sandwich shop near our home. At age 16, she's already much wiser than I was as a teen. So I thought I would ask her a few questions about her expectations as she enters the world of work. Read More
To build better balance, start with your ABCs
Surveys and studies are great, but we all need a break from numbers every now and then. So, instead of numbers, this week I'm offering letters — the ABCs of work-life balance, telecommuting and flexible schedules. Read More
In summer months, search for vacation balance
In a new survey, U.S. office workers were asked whether they typically used all of the paid vacation days they were provided by their company. Fifty-eight percent said "yes," while 39 percent said "no." How would you respond? Read More


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