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Dear Sam

Dear Sam: Are you sabotaging your chances?

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Meet Todd! Todd has served in technician roles for the majority of his career. Serving in the military for two years, he...

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Young people seek part-time work, more flexibility, survey shows
FlexJobs recently surveyed 211 people under age 35 who want part-time work. Their answers about why they'd like to work part time, and how they would make it financially, were interesting. Read More
Should your company hire a rock star? Yankee fans wouldn't
According to researchers, star executive talent may not be as easily transferrable as organizations believe. What companies need to know to help ensure the perfect fit. Read More
Report: Oklahoma City third-best city for job seekers
Jobseekers, listen up: Oklahoma City ranks third in the country for job seekers according to Read More
24 of the best pieces of advice ever given to graduates
As new graduates prepare to enter the "real world," colleges and universities gather them into auditoriums to absorb wisdom from great leaders. Most of that wisdom is forgettable. A lot of it is clichéd. (Dream big! Follow your passion!) But some of it resonates — even years later, even if you're not... Read More
Here's who you should (and should not) accept on LinkedIn
Sorting through LinkedIn requests can be overwhelming. Do you connect with that person who shares your blog posts via Twitter all the time? The hiring manager of a company you're interested in? Or what about that seemingly credible stranger who could be a valuable business contact? We posed this question to... Read More
The 25 best cities for job seekers right now
If you've been unsuccessful in your job search, it might be time to start looking in other parts of the country. But before you pack up and go, you'll want to consider which cities have the best career opportunities, the happiest workers, and the lowest cost of living. To help, online careers community... Read More
American employees miss out on average $1,300 annually, report says
According to a report by Financial Engines, American employees are missing out on an average $1,336 every year because they are not saving enough for their company's 401(k) match, and not getting potentially "free money" back for meeting the match. Read More
How quickly interviewers decide if they'll hire you or not
While it’s commonly believed that most job interviewers are quick to judge an applicant, deciding whether he or she will be hired within the first minute of an interview, recent research suggests that the majority of hiring managers take more time. Read More
The 10 deadliest jobs in America
Although the national rate of workplace fatalities is on the decline, some jobs remain incredibly dangerous. According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, a total of 4,585 fatal work injuries were recorded in the US in 2013 — the second-lowest number recorded since the BLS began collecting this... Read More
If you want to seem smarter, pick up the phone
If you're most comfortable reaching out and following up with potential employers via email, you're hardly alone. But according to new research, you're also not doing yourself any favors. One good reason to ditch the computer and pick up the phone: you'll actually seem smarter. Read More


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