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Dear Sam

Dear Sam: Avoid common faux pas

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  Dear Sam: What are some of the common mistakes you see on resumes that can be easily avoided? – Tim   Dear Tim:...

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Readers offer tips for building trust with remote workers
For all of its advantages, there are some challenges that come with working from home. But it is possible to overcome those problems, and several readers have tips to help the pajama-clad telecommuters of the world do just that. Read More
Is better love life another benefit of flexible work options?
According to a new survey, the benefits of telecommuting may go well beyond its effects on a person's work. In fact, most respondents said a flexible schedule would help their family relationships and their love lives. Read More
6 tips for standing out in job interviews
Whether you’re an accomplished job applicant or a newbie, here are tips for standing out from the crowd. Read More
Is a messy desk a sign of creativity, or a cry for organizational help?
I'm a bit of a neat freak when it comes to my workspace, so there's generally a place for everything, and everything is in its place. However, a new survey shows that not everyone believes that desk cleanliness is next to work godliness. Read More
Creative license: Rethinking the purpose of professional licensing
Licenses for certain fields of work are justified to ensure quality of products and services for customers as well as guarantee proper training for employees in the field. Now there is an increasing movement in the U.S. to reverse the practice. Read More
Memories are made of sunlight, bubble gum, time alone with Dad
In my memory, I'm 4 years old, sitting next to my dad at a diner's three-sided counter. Closing my eyes, I can travel 41 years back in time and see the scene. There's something about one-on-one time with a parent that makes for lasting impressions. Read More
I’m running late — translation: I don't care about you or your time
I don’t want my brand to be such that everybody knows I’ll be late to any and every meeting. Read More
A work-life balance resolution for the New Year
Few people are successful in achieving their New Year's resolutions. But a recent survey indicates that changes in how they approach their jobs might help some people with their work-life resolutions in 2015. Read More
Holiday parties can help build better balance at work
For a truly balanced life, it's important to build connections with co-workers that go beyond conversations about budgets, reports and assignments. And this is a perfect time of year to create better at-work balance, thanks to holiday parties. Read More
Readers outline men's challenges when talking about work-life balance
So, have you noticed that more men are talking about work-life balance lately? Neither have I. But the response I received to a recent column on this subject has me hoping that will change in the near future. Read More


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