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Dear Sam

Dear Sam: Interpret Signs Correctly

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Interpret signs correctly Dear Sam: I have been searching for employment for almost three years. I previously worked in the...

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Everyone is working more hours, but also watching more TV and sleeping
A recent study found people worked an average of 10 more minutes every day in 2014 than the year before, but also found more time to sleep and watch more TV. Read More
Instead of generational conflict, focus on common goals
If you want to get people riled up, write about a particular generation of workers, then wait a few hours. Based on a recent column I wrote about millennials, this formula is sure to result in some fireworks. Read More
OKC and Tulsa make list of best cities to live in your 20s
This might sound shocking to your non-Okies, but Oklahoma City and Tulsa made a pretty awesome list: The 20 best places to live in your 20s. This is according to WalletHub, which took a look at the 150 most-populous cities, then analyzed them within the parameters of 19 metrics that they say 20-somethings would... Read More
9 steps for figuring out which skills to include on your résumé
If you're sitting in front of your computer, wracking your brain trying to come up with skills to add to your résumé, fear not. With the help of some career experts, you can easily — and honestly — pad out your résumé with key skills recruiters look for. Read More
15 things you should do in the 15 minutes before a job interview
The 15 minutes before a job interview can be harrowing, especially for job seekers who aren't sure what to do with that time. "Those 15 minutes are your opportunity to get yourself into the right frame of mind, and set your energy and focus on who you'll be meeting with, what you want them to remember about... Read More
Americans households have the highest credit card debt since recession
On average, American households are $7,177 in debt, according to a CardHub study. That's a lot of debt, but not necessarily an unconquerable amount. Now's a good time to start digging your way out of it. Read More
It's time, again, to leave my comfort zone
It was in September 2011 that I made a huge leap of faith. After 20 years as a professional journalist, I left the comfort of my full-time newspaper career to start a new job managing a team of medical writers. Now I'm ready to make another change. Read More
Unexpected award provides reminder about importance of recognition
I generally try to avoid the spotlight, but my efforts in that regard were tested by a recent series of positive events at work. However, this good experience reinforced my feelings about the importance of recognizing people's achievements. Read More
Building work-life balance requires a team effort
Research has made it clear that anyone who wants to achieve better work-life balance must understand that it isn't an individual pursuit. As with most things in life, our chances of success increase dramatically if we make this a team effort. Read More
Why companies are using 'blind auditions' to hire top talent
Anyone who suspects they've been turned down for a job due to their race, sex, age, socio-economic background, or educational pedigree knows how unfair and frustrating it is to be discriminated against for something that has nothing to do with your capabilities. But unfortunately, hiring managers — who... Read More


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