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Dear Sam

Dear Sam: You’ve changed, don't you think your...

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You’ve changed, don't you think your resume should?   Meet Jordan!   Jordan had worked in the grocery industry for...

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'Crisis of silence' leads to bad customer service, survey says
Customer service is important, but it isn't part of every company's culture. A new survey indicates that this lack of focus could be costing businesses a significant chunk of money every year. Read More
Are open offices better for workers, productivity?
As I've researched other work-life topics during the past few weeks, I've run across several articles that outline the pros and cons of open offices. However, I'm still of two minds on the issue. Read More
It's time for companies to formalize flexible work policies
During my career as a middle manager, opportunities for me to offer flexible work options to employees have increased dramatically. What I haven't seen, however, is a strong desire by companies to formalize flex-work policies. Read More
Now is the time to set work-life balance goals
I've been meeting with my team at work to help them set goals for 2016. As a result, it occurred to me that I could stand to set some goals for myself, too, starting with plans to build better work-life balance. Read More
5 positive thinking methods that can make you rich
Can positive thinking make you rich? The answer is yes. Read More
Are you happy at work? And should you be?
I've written several times that if people are happy at the office, they'll work harder and be more productive. But the authors of a recent Harvard Business Review article contend that conventional wisdom might not be so wise after all. Read More
How far women fall short in retirement savings
Lower earnings and longer lives—it's a powerful one-two punch, and it threatens to keep women on the ropes in retirement, Bloomberg reports. A recent study measured the retirement savings divide between 45-year-old men and women. It found that women, on average, are more than $268,000 short of... Read More
To keep employees, focus on management, culture, balance
A new survey found that things like work-life balance, managers who emphasized transparency and positive company culture were major factors in deciding whether people stayed with a job or looked for opportunities to leave. Read More
Workplace bullying is still a problem, survey shows
I had hoped that increasing awareness of the problem of workplace bullying would lead to a decrease in its occurrence. A new survey, however, makes me believe that has not happened. Read More
Teaching children about life, balance never gets easier
Today I've got a question for the experienced parents out there. It's simply this: How do you do it? How can you be a good, involved and watchful parent while also letting your children grow, develop and learn from their own experiences? Read More


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