Buying a Car in Oklahoma

Buying a Car in Oklahoma:

Save time and money by examining your needs versus your wants. What cars to consider? know it: Buying a car helps to answer your questions.

Don Gammill

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Nissan shows off glow-in-the-dark cars
The automaker that's experimenting with self-cleaning car paint now has a new gimmick: the glow-in-the-dark car, USA TODAY reports. Nissan's European operation says it's one of the first automakers to have glow-in-the-dark paint, which it's demonstrating on an electric Nissan Leaf. Nissan says an inventor,... Read More
Taking a test drive in a 3D-printed car
It may sound far-fetched, but a driveable vehicle made almost entirely in a 3D printer is in development. The inventors showed it off at the North American Auto Show in Detroit, and Julianna Goldman got a test drive. Read More
The stick shift will never die, that's a good thing
The stick shift has just been granted an indefinite stay of execution, thanks to the 2015 Ford/Shelby GT350, one of America's most important sports car right now. Read More
What to Expect From Tesla's 'Unveil the D' Event
Elon Musk is planning a huge Tesla unveiling tonight that will draw dozens of celebrities and coverage by hundreds of media outlets, reports. The billionaire is expected to announce a number of new features for the Tesla Model S all-electric sedan, as well as possibly show off the Model X... Read More