Buying a Car in Oklahoma

Buying a Car in Oklahoma:

Save time and money by examining your needs versus your wants. What cars to consider? know it: Buying a car helps to answer your questions.

Don Gammill

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For $1 million, you can get a flying car by 2020
Slovakia-based startup Aeromobil is taking pre-orders for its $1 million flying car. Read More
Volkswagen just got slapped with the largest fine for automakers
A federal judge in Detroit Friday signed off on what could be one of the last big developments in the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal, ordering the German maker to pay a $2.8 billion criminal penalty negotiated as part of a settlement with the U.S. Justice Department last January, NBC News reports. Read More
OKC Auto Show celebrates 100th birthday
The year was 1917, and cars were relatively new to the world. Just a few years earlier, Henry Ford invented the assembly line for mass production of cars in 1913, forever changing the world.  It did not take long until the enthusiasm for this new way to travel swept across the continent and... Read More
Car friends and local runners racing for a cause in sanctioned Auto Show 5K
Bright and early on Saturday morning, 5K veterans and casual participants alike will have the chance to pound pavement at the OKC Auto Show’s 5K race – a sanctioned USA Track and Field event. The 5K starts and finishes in the all-new Bennett Events Center, the newest addition to the Oklahoma... Read More
Metro residents come together for coffee, cars and community at OKC Auto Show
Cherry red vintage cars, sleek sports cars, shining motorcycles – and piping hot coffee while you browse the gallery of cars. For a car enthusiast that’s the recipe for a perfect day. Why not make this part of your Saturday this week? Coffee and Cars OKC will meet from 8 to 10 a.m. on March... Read More
Auto show brings NASCAR gems to Oklahoma City
They are among the most iconic cars of NASCAR: the 1987 Bill Elliott Ford Thunderbird, 1973 Bobby Allison Chevrolet Malibu, 1988 Dale Earnhardt Sr. Monte Carlo, 1963 “Fireball” Roberts Ford and the 1969 David Pearson Torino.   Those gems of the NASCAR world will be on display... Read More
Lots Of People Donate Their Cars, But This Owner Donated His Auto Repair Shop
An auto mechanic in Baltimore wanted to unload his car repair shop after decades of work. But instead of selling it, he donated it to a nonprofit that will use the shop to teach budding mechanics. Read More
End-of-year car and truck deals: What to know before you buy
Is the end of the year really is the best time to buy a car? All of the hype is true. Many car dealers are eager to move unsold inventory and hit end-of-year sales goals, offering great incentives.  End-of-year incentives Things slow down at the end of the year. You may be home for a few... Read More