Buying a Car in Oklahoma

Buying a Car in Oklahoma:

Save time and money by examining your needs versus your wants. What cars to consider? know it: Buying a car helps to answer your questions.

Don Gammill

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The British government is getting ready to test out new road technology that would allow electric cars to charge as they drive. Most electric cars get charged via plug-in chargers at home or while parked on the streets. Wireless power charging "pods" are also available, but they too require the car to stop to get... Read More
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Honda's selfie car doesn't actually seem that far-fetched
This isn't funny, Honda. In the selfie-obsessed world we live in, a selfie car doesn't seem like too insane of a concept, Mashable reports. Thankfully, though, the company's new SUV that allows drivers to snap selfies while the car is in park — which Honda unveiled at the New York Auto Show on Wednesday... Read More